Creating the future together

Fun and open environment

Who says you have to sit in an office? At Soocii, you can work while standing, sitting, or lying down. Who says working in an office has to be boring? At Soocii, you can drink coffee, eat snacks, and play board games. We create products that bring happiness to people. We cultivate a working environment that brings joy to the team.

User-centered thinking

We uncover user needs through scientific methods and data miming. We optimize user experience by reviewing user feedback and gathering opinions from our own team. We create the highest value by connecting like-minded users and cultivating in them a sense of belonging.

Mindset of excellence

Dare to challenge, without fearing difficulty or failure. Committed to making progress, without worrying that others are ahead of you. Devoted to solving important problems, without fearing the unknown or adventure.

Come seek the future with us.

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