A Community for People to Bond To connect with friends, create ownership, and build value.

Our Soocii Story

We believe people have a strong innate desire to bond with others and feel happy. Life is about sharing, building fun moments together, and living in the moment after all! So we named our brand after the Latin word socius, meaning partner, social and society. The o’s symbolize interconnected social circles while the i’s allude to people themselves, adding a human element to our brand.

We seek to redefine how people connect by developing tech that empowers, building a space for mobile gamers to connect with friends. Being a group of passionate mobile gamers ourselves, we hope to take mobile gaming and social interactions to the next level.


A player-centered mobile community that lets users create glorious and fun moments with friends.


Our joyful work​place​ nurture​s​
happy employees​,​ so that we ​can make
product​s​ that also ​give joy!


We tackle​​ ​the hardest
tech challenges so that users
can have the best experiences.


We​'​re constantly ​breaking barriers
to achieve the best for our team,
our users, and our products.

Ted Huang, CEO

Prior to Soocii, Ted worked at Trend Micro for almost 20 years as Vice President of Japan's R&D and Global Operations Division, where he was responsible for a variety of consumer and corporate innovations in integrated hardware and software. He has passion for the mobile industry and vision to lead a young and talented team. Like his team, Ted wants to build a community platform that is joyful, user-oriented, and technology-based, so that everyone can enjoy sharing and have a sense of belonging via the mobile industry.

Troy Wu
Edward Lu
Caroline Cheng
Momo Wu
Passion Chang
Andy Tzeng
Kid Tsui
Sharon Wu
Tim Chen
Joyce Lai
CC Chu
Tilly Shih
Frankie Lu

Soocii Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Trend Micro, formerly known as Dr. Mobile, one of Trend Micro's internal startup teams.

“ Soocii is a highly creative and enthusiastic team. Supported by Trend Micro’s unmatched global reach and successful experience, they are ready to charge toward the social mobile broadcast industry to create a new world-class social platform. ”

- Eva Chen, CEO and founder of Trend Micro