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What can I do if my live stream is unstable and lagging?

Warning: High quality internet connection is required for a maximum viewing and streaming experience.

If laggings happen during streaming or viewing, please check your internet quality with the help of the guides bellow:

1) Use a stable Wifi connection

We recommend you to use a private Wifi connection. Please avoid using hotspot wifi from public places such as convenient stores or public transportations.

2) The upload and the download speed should be more than 5Mbps

You can download the app SpeedTest on Google Playstore to learn about  your internet speed.

3) Make sure that your Wifi signal is full

 It's better to stay in the same room with your wifi router, stay as close to your wifi router as possible to have a maximum signal.

4) Restart your Wifi router

Some Wifi Router might cause unstable internet connection due to being turned on for too long. In this case, you can turn off  and unplug your router for a rest.  Replug it after 3 minutes. Turn it on and reconnect to your wifi.

5) Verify both streamers and viewers internet condition.

Both parties, the streamer and the viewers, need to have a stable internet connection.

If lag keeps happening and can't be fix, you can go to  Soocii and touch the ? icon on the upper right corner. Use "Contact us" to tell us the detail of your conditions. Our support will replay and solve your problem as soon as possible. We will appreciate it if you can provide the informations bellow to help us solve your problem throughly :

    1. Device name and type
    2. Android version
    3. Mbps(upload/download)
    4. WiFi server(home private/hotspot/office)
    5. Soocii app version

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