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How to Live Stream like a pro

Whether you are new to live streaming or already a pro, the following tips can help you to live stream successfully on Soocii!

Before Live Streaming

  1. Check your sound

Music volume: if you're live streaming a game, remember to adjust the music and sound effects volume of your game, so that your voice is still perfectly audible and clear.

Background noise: checking for unwanted background noise that's too loud and making adjustments is key. We find that moving to a quiet and isolated location where you will not be disturbed will give you the best results. Don’t forget to adjust the volume of any background music that is playing during your live stream. Ideally, your background music should be much softer than your speaking voice, so your viewers don't have to strain their ears and can hear your voice clearly over the music.

  1.  Check your internet connection

Live streaming requires a stable Internet connection, so do check whether your Internet connect signal is strong and stable before you go live. We find that private Wi-Fi is generally better than public Wi-Fi connections, and also generally better than 3G/4G data connections. See What can I do if my live stream is unstable and lagging? 

  1.  Pick an intriguing headline

The headline is the name of your live stream that will show up in a notification to all of your followers, once you start streaming. So here is where you can give your followers an idea of what you will be live streaming, to help them decide whether they want to come to watch. We suggest making your headline intriguing and catchy to attract viewers. However, do make sure that your headline is still relevant to your live stream. You do not want to trick your followers, as a misleading, click-bait headline could make viewers disappointed and even angry.

  1. Check your camera

The front camera: would you like to turn on your phone's front-facing camera when you live stream? Turning on the front-facing camera allows your viewers' people to see you and your facial expressions, which helps them connect with you. However, if you feel shy or want to create a sense of mystery and intrigue, turning off the front-camera when you live a stream is also an option. See How do I turn off the front-facing camera while live streaming?

 During Live Streaming

  1. Check your microphone

Your microphone can only be adjusted during live streaming. Just click on the Soocii floating button to adjust the volume or mute your microphone. Remember that you cannot adjust your microphone with the volume buttons on your device, your live streaming microphone needs.

  1.  Engage with your viewers.

Natural conversation: It is important to speak clearly and with a moderate speed during live streaming. Try to be friendly with your viewers too. The most important thing is to show the best of yourself in front of the camera so you can be the one and only live streamer of your viewers.

Get to know each other: We recommend you to chat more with your viewers during live streaming. This can help you to know each other more. You can start with a simple self-introduction than you can share your favorite games and your gaming experiences. You can also talk about your daily life or other funny stuff. Anything to help your viewers to know you more and make more friends.

After Live Streaming

  1.  Share your goods

Sharing: After live streaming on Soocii, download and save your video first before leaving. This is important for your followers who unfortunately can't make it on to your live streaming to watch your video later on Soocii playback.

Viewing: You can make more viewers by being a viewer too. We recommend you to watch others' videos other than just being a live streamer. You can like and comment on others' videos to let more people know you.

External Sharing: The Soocii Live Stream video you downloaded and saved can also be shared on other social media.  Let your fans and followers from a different time and places keep up with you all the time.

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