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How to friends? Any friends on Soocii?

There are 2 ways to look up for friends: First, Go to "Looking for friends" and look for "Suggest". Second, If you sign in using Facebook, Soocii will automatically recommend you your Facebook friends who are also on Soocii.

Step 1: Touch the three strips icon on the upper left corner of Soocii's main page.


Step 2: Choose "Find Friends".


Step 3:  Look up for your Facebook friends who are using Soocii on the "Suggest" list and touch "Follow Me" to follow them.


If you can't find friends on the "Suggest" list, you can try using the "Invite" on the upper right corner to invite your Line or Facebook's friends to join Soocii.

Step 4: You can also search for friends by typing their Soocii ID on the "ID Search" bar


We will have more methods to look up for friends gradually. Keep up to date.

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