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Are you using Oppo, Sony, or HTC phone?

If you are a user of Oppo, Sony, or HTC phones please look up the following notes. These devices have some special settings.

Soocii Icon

There are two permissions needed to be turned on. Go to Security > Privacy Permission > Floating window management and turn on Soocii > Go Back to Privacy Permission > Startup manager and turn on Soocii.


Push Notification

If the push notification such as a notification from your streamers, doesn't appear, use the following steps.

Go to Security > Touch Quick Scan > After the scan is done, choose Security protection >


Select startup apps that can be disallowed > Add Soocii into the list.


For other cases regarding permissions from the device, Go to Security > Privacy Permission > App Permission Management > Find Soocii > Turn on "I trust this app"



Sony X-series

If the Soocii icon cannot be found or suddenly disappeared, you will need to turn off the Smart Cleaner of your device. Go to Setting > Memory and Storage > turn off the Smart Cleaner.



Go to Setting > Developer Options > Advanced > and check the Animation.


Extra Note: If you have trouble such as unable to find Soocii floating Icon please go to your Privacy Setting and give permission to Soocii.

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