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How to screenshot and post my games on Soocii?

If you don't feel like live streaming or recording today but simply want to share the highest record you just achieved or an interesting moment on your game, you can just screenshot them and post it on Soocii.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 : Touch the green-floating-S icon and a menu bar will appear on the upper side of your screen.


Step 2 : Touch the screenshot button and it will capture your current screen immediately.


Step 3 : Touch "Go"


Step 4 : Rotate and adjust for cover. Touch "Next" on the upper right corner.


Step 5 : Enter your post title and touch "Share"  to post.



You can also screenshot with your phone and go to Soocii's Newsfeed to find the picture than post it (follow step 4 and 5).

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